Pakistani formal wear

Elegant and trendy Pakistani formal wear  

Pakistani dressing is always included one of the best dressing. They are perfectly suitable for all type of wears like formal which includes major events like weddings etc, semi formal which are worn at the gatherings and parties, and casual wear that are used for daily uses. But the most popular dressing is Pakistani formal dressing. Love for these dresses is not only limited to Pakistan but also across the border and in Asian countries like India etc. Under different names these formal collections are launched by designers. The main focus of every brand is mainly on its formal dress collection. These are included in costly dresses as it has several types of work on it like embroideries and other threads, coins etc work. 

What are the things that are kept in mind while choosing formal wear? 

Girls are always very choosey about their things. As they know that everything they use is the source of reflection of their taste, culture, traditions and most of the times their religion. And when talking about the dressing and we know that girls have craze for dressing. Most of the people say that girls could not be satisfied with dresses. But when we talk about girl’s point of view they say that women are the most beautiful creature of the world and they deserve to shape more their beauty. So they are very perfect about everything they used to wear. Most of the common collection from Pakistani formal wear collection is wedding collection. And everyone knows that a large amount of budget from a wedding is spent on wedding dresses. As every girls wants to look most perfect at weddings either its bride, bride maid, or anyone else attending wedding. 

The thing that kept in mind while choosing formal dress for your self is following 

  • Dress style according to the need of event i.e., dressing should be according to the event you are going to attend
  • Embroideries or styling of the dress
  • Color code or color combination of the dress
  • Dress according to season etc.

All these things are always there in your mind whenever you are selecting a dress for you at any special event. 

Dress styling according to need of the event 

Now you must be thinking that what is meant by dress styling according to event. It means that you should keep in mind the event you are going to attend and your position in event. Likewise if talking about wedding event two possibilities are there like

  • Either you are attending the wedding
  • Or its your own wedding 

Dressing matters a lot in both cases but the type of dressing is different in both of them. Like as it’s your wedding then you choose from bridal dress collection. And if you are there only to attend function you choose most probably from Pakistani formal wear.  Same in case of bride maids a separate collection is mostly available under this name. Dresses mostly wore by brides are following at their different events like 

  • Lehnga at barat or walima
  • Sharara or Gharara at mehndi and mayyon
  • Saree at the event if Walima or reception
  • Maxi at Walima mostly etc 

From these choices are made according to the latest trends. Trend changes at events like Walima but for barat dressing remains same. For other girls attending wedding common formal dressing is following 

  • Long or short feroks paired with different styled trousers or churidar
  • Anarkali feroks
  • Saree, sharara or Gharara or lehnga etc. 

Embroideries or styling of dress 

Dresses are majorly divided to different categories on basis of their styling and embroidery. The uniqueness of the dress is majorly due to 

  • Multiple style embroideries 
  • Thread work 
  • Use of different pearls, coins, beads, mirror etc to increase grace of the dress. 

Different types of work are mostly chosen for different events like mirror work dresses are preferred for mehndi and mayyon and vice versa. 

Color code or color combination of the dress

Color combination is main selection criteria of the dress. It gives dress a perfect and eyes catching look. Different color combinations used for different events are 

  • Green, yellow, orange, mustard etc are wore at mayyon and mehndi event
  • Red, maroon, etc are preferred for barat
  • For event of reception you have great variety of choice like blue, pink, sky, peach etc. 

Colors matter a lot in the dress for making it look perfect. 

Dressing according to season 

As we all know that we live in a country where we are gifted with all the four seasons. So you have to choose you dress according to season. In summer seasons the most preferred one is lawn suits as they are light and perfect to wear in warn season. When talking about winter season, warm clothes are preferred as you have to save yourself from cold. So winter wedding collection is in trend. 

Daudabbas is always there available for you to provide with all varieties of Pakistani formal wear on a very large scale according to all needs of the event, season, embroideries, and in very attractive hues to give you classy and elegant look. 

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